summer colors – exhibition

  • Summer 2016 2
  • Summer 2016 1
  • Sea In Indigo Blue!
  • Stöppel 2.0 23
  • Summer 2016 3
  • Summer Colors! Astrid Stoeppel,
  • Summer Colors! Detail3 Astrid Stoeppel,
  • Summer Dots! Astrid Stoeppel,
  • Summer Dots! Detail1 Astrid Stoeppel,
  • Summer Exhibition 2016! 7
  • Summer 2016 5
  • Summer Splash! Astrid Stoeppel,
  • Summer Splash! Detail2 Astrid Stoeppel,
  • Summer 2016 6
  • Stöppel 2.0 20

summer colors – exhibition in weilheim july 2016. see three fresh, new paintings from my series emotional acrylics at the company stöppel in weilheim – germany. hope to meet you there.

in my new series “emotional acrylics“ i use a visibly reduced color spectrum on a titanium white or colorful primed canvas. i try to transfer the dynamic, vitality and harmony, you know from my series “colorful acrylics“, to only a few colors. in some paintings of this series i attempt to take up the special colors or color combinations of my favorite artists (see the title) and combine this with my own, personal style.

i’m inspired by the color itself and adore the purity. every color gets my attention. for each painting of my series “emotional acrylics“ i need a lot of working hours and usually a very steady hand. i paint them color by color, sometimes i use only one color tone down with white. and i love the challenge to attain presence with only one or a few simple colors.

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