colors like klimt

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colors like klimt’s virgin! detail
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colors like klimt’s kiss!

series colors like klimt: three new paintings series famous colors, soon in exhibition in weilheim/germany. see more here: series famous colors

minimalism art article

minimalism art – read these interesting articles about my works on the homepage arts, artists, artwork

astrid stöppel: art that says it like it is

astrid stöppel: purity in abstracts

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104 gerhard richter colors!

famous colors: in my new series “famous colors“ i use a visibly reduced color spectrum on a titanium white or colorful primed canvas. i try to transfer the dynamic, vitality and harmony, you know from my series “colorful acrylics“, to only a few colors. in all paintings of this series i attempt to take up the special colors or color combinations of my favorite artists (see the title) and combine this with my own, personal style.

art book – internationale kunst heute 2016

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art book “internationale kunst heute 2016”

new: german art book – internationale kunst heute 2016 – with my series colorful acrylics. so proud being a part of it. see my page in this book online here:

exhibition in milan 2016

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exhibition in milan april 2016

the women of the contemporary art

woman’s essence is the new artistic project reserved only for women artists, created to give visibility, make known to public and support women in contemporary art.

the project represents the contemporary worldwide women artists, that from the role of passive representation object and inspiration goes to the active as an artist able to express creativity in the light of particular sensitivity, image of the “other” art.

exhibition with astrid stöppel in milan – italy from 1 to 3 of april 2016

exhibition in Milan with Astrid Stöppel,, Woman' Essence, April 2016, Hernandez Art Gallery, Milan, Milano, Italy, mostra, contemporary art, modern art, series colorful acrylics, modern living, art and design, artworks for sale
invitation woman’s essence
exhibition in Milan April 2016,, series colorful acrylics, modern, art, design, modern living, schöner Wohnen, Kunst für modernes Wohnen, abstrakt und modern, Astrid Stöppel, Weilheim, abstract artist, unique art, Saatchi Art Artist, art online, art for collectors, artnet, artalia, artavita, Art Basel, Art Miami, art fair, 2016
swirling colors! acrylic on canvas, 70x70cm

colorless painting

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series no colors: colorless! acrylic on canvas, 80x100cm is the first painting of my new series “no colors”. a series painted only with black, white and the shades of grey. see more here: saatchi art artist astrid stoeppel and

colorful painting

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living with sprinkled dot! this artwork is sold
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sprinkled dot! sold

new colorful painting series colorful acrylics: “sprinkled dot!” acrylic on canvas, 100x100cm. see more colorful artworks here and buy my artworks online at the saatchi art homepage: saatchi art artist astrid stoeppel

colorful artwork

colorful artwork, abstrakte Kunst bunt, unfinished circle! series colorful acrylics by Astrid Stöppel,, german abstract art, german abstract artist, colorful art online, modern living with abstract art, Acrylbilder online, Kunst online, Saatchi Art
unfinished circle!
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living with unfinished circle!

colorful artwork series colorful acrylics by astrid stöppel: this large acrylic painting belongs to my series „colorful acrylics“. a series of strong colors on a white or black background. always the same colors in different movements fascinate me again and again. they reflect a part of me: clear, structured, but also always in motion. I really love to paint this series. see more here: saatchi art artist astrid stoeppel