series colorful minis

  • Collage Colorful Minis! Astrid Stoeppel,
  • Colorful Minis 15!
  • Colorful Minis 5! Astrid Stoeppel,
  • Colorful Minis 14!
  • Colorful Minis 13!
  • Colorful Minis 12!
  • Collage Colorful Mini 1-4! Astrid Stoeppel,
  • Collage Colorful Mini 3-4! Astrid Stoeppel,
  • Colorful Minis 16!
  • Collage Colorful Mini 2-4! Astrid Stoeppel,
  • Collage Colorful Mini 4-4! Astrid Stoeppel,
  • Colorful Minis 6! Astrid Stoeppel,
  • Colorful Minis 9! Small
  • Colorful Minis 10!
  • Colorful Minis 11!
  • Colorful Minis 3! Astrid Stoeppel,
  • Colorful Minis 1! Astrid Stöppel,
  • Colorful Minis 8! Astrid Stoeppel,
  • Astrid Stöppel - Series Colorful Minis!
  • Astrid Stöppel - Series Colorful Minis!
  • Astrid Stöppel - Series Colorful Minis!
  • Colorful Minis!

series colorful minis (each artwork 20x20cm) by astrid stöppel: these artworks belongs to my series „colorful acrylics“. a series of strong colors on a white or black background. always the same colors in different movements fascinate me again and again. they reflect a part of me: clear, structured, but also always in motion. I really love to paint this series. see more here: saatchi art artist astrid stoeppel

place of relaxation

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source of relaxation!
place of relaxation, moderne Kunst, abstrakte Kunst in Deutschland, Acrylbilder in grün, braun, Streifen, modernes Wohnen, schöner Wohnen, Wohndesign, series colorful acrylics
living with source of relaxation!

alpenschlössel, the place of relaxation: this is a new artwork series emotional acrylics “source of relaxation!” acrylic on canvas, 80x100cm. my last recreational holidays near merano at the quellenhof – alpenschlössel and the colors  there in the spa rooms have inspired my to this new work. thanks so much for great days in the alto adige. see more of my works here: saatchi art artist astrid stoeppel

rome italy – international art expo 2015

International Art Expo Rome, modern art, series colorful acrylics, three large paintings in exhibition, Astrid Stöppel, Astrid Stoeppel, Flyer Art Gallery,, modern, special, colorful, abstract art
flyer art gallery rome italy

the flyer art gallery presents the international art expo rome 2015.
23th october – 4th november 2015
opening: 23th october 6:30pm

see three large paintings from astrid stöppel series “colorful acrylics!”

shades of blue

Shades of blue, Kunst in blau, Acrylbilder in blau, Astrid Stöppel, Ausstellung, exhibition, Weilheim,, modern art, contemporary art, acrylic, modern living, living in blue, blue art
small exhibition “shades of blue” at stöppel in weilheim september 2015

shades of blue: see my small exhibition “shades of blue!” in weilheim at stöppel lesen-schreiben-schenken. sale prices and more here

new limited edition 2015

fluid acrylics: new limited edition 2015 now for sale!

my emotional and colorful fluids are painted with acrylic colors on paper. with a special technique the colors merge – sometimes more, sometimes less. the original artworks are photographed by me. each fluid painting of the new limited edition 2015 is available as an original photo print under acrylic size 60x40cm, only original with a handwritten and signed certificate of authenticity on the back. buy here on saatchi art or get more informations here:

fluid acrylics, new edition 2015, limited, fluid painting, Astrid Stöppel, Astrid Stoeppel, Lumas, photo print under acrylic,, german abstract artist, saatchi art artist
northern lights! (#1) new limited edition 2015 60x40cm
fluid acrylic, fluid paintings,, new limited edition 2015, only original with certificate, Astrid Stöppel, Saatchi Art Artist, german artist, art for collectors, modern art, contemporary art
spirited fire! (#1) new limited edition 2015 60x40cm