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here are some saatchi art collections containing my artworks:


eye candy: works inspired by op art may 2015 with my work “even colors!” curated by jessica mcqueen

by price: bright abstracts may 2015 with my work “even colors!” curated by becky benshoof

large abstract paintings june 2015 with my work “colorato7!” curated by rebecca wilson

new this week july 2015 with my work “colorato4!” curated by rebecca wilson

new portraits and abstracts october 2015 with my work “colorful minis!” curated by rebecca wilson


new pop art june 2016 with my work “dotted!” curated by katherine henning


inspired by yves klein blue april 2017 with my work “colors of yves klein – stripes!”

curated salon wall: minimalism april 2017 with my work “black dot!”

in celebration of yayoi kusama april 2017 with 4 works

new this week july 2017 with “colorful bars!” curated by rebecca wilson

colorful abstractions september 2017 with “segments!”

playful patterns – geometric september 2017 with “colorful lines #5”

new this week october 2017 with “lacy colors!”

art gifts for $1000-2000 november 2017 with “stripes #1”

new this week december 2017 with “lacy square!”

new this week december 2017 with “lacy grey!”

minimalist works december 2017 with “golden green dot!”


new this week may 2018 with “spraydots!”

pop art june 2018 with “nature lines!”

mid-century modern works september 2018 with “colorful minis!”

new this week october 2018 with “blacklight stripes!”

inspired by lichtenstein: pop art november 2018 with “lacy colors #4” and “blacklight stripes!”


new nordic neutrals february 2019 with “colorfields #2”

new abstract paintings february 2019 with “nature harmony #1”

get the look: circular logic february 2019 with “colorful needles!”

refuse to be the muse campaign and catalog march 2019

for the love of dots: inspired by yayoi kusama march 2019 with “jumping colors” and “confetti”

refuse to be the muse collection march 2019

clean lines: geometric abstracts april 2019 with “formation #6”

new this week may 2019 with “vinyl #3”

the caribbean collection june 2019 with “caribbean formation!”

new this week july 2019 with “sprinkled dot #4”

minimalist works july 2019 with “colo rato”

new this week july 2019 with “nature colors #3” – header

new this week august 2019 with “paperwork #3”

bright & bold abstracts august 2019 with “nature lines #4”

new this week august 2019 with “sprinkled dot #8”

new this week september 2019 with “wide colors #2”

new this week october 2019 with “black paperwork #2”

new this week november 2019 with “paperwork anna karenina”

joyful abstracts november 2019 with “shell”

art gifts: under $1,000 december 2019 with “nature paperwork #3”

art gifts for small places december 2019 with “nature paperwork #3”

art gifts for holiday table centerpiece december 2019 with “paperwork monochrome #8”

new this week december 2019 with “nature stripes”

best of painting 2019 december 2019 with “flower formation #4”

best of sculpture 2019 december 2019 with “paperwork #8”


pantone color of the year: classic blue january 2020 with “american formation”

bestselling women artists of all time march 2020

inspired by kusama march 2020 with “jumping colors”

spring cleaning: minimalist works april 2020 with “lines #2”

best of abstracts may 2020 with “colorful splash”

industrial june 2020 with “paperwork monochrome #7”

best of 2020 june 2020 with “range of colors #5”

colorful pop work june 2020 with “paperwork #15”

arresting abstracts june 2020 with “colorful stripes #8”

new this week july 2020 with “paperwork #11”

bohemian beach july 2020 with “colors #2”

collector favorites: best selling painters 10 years saatchi art anniversary collection august 2020 with “divided colors #2”

trending now: pop art september 2020 with “lacy colors #2”

inspired by mark rothko september 2020 with “american formation”

how-to: by budget october 2020 with “paperwork monochrome #5”

how-to: by medium sculpture october 2020 with “paperwork #14”

inspired by roy lichtenstein october 2020 with “lacy colors #4”

geometric works november 2020 with “formation #6”

pattern trend: stripes november 2020 with “lines #2”

new this week november 2020 with “paperwork #17”

the art of the curve november 2020 with “range of colors #5”

best of 2020: sculpture december 2020 with “paperwork #9”


oversized works  january 2021 with “range of colors #6” and “wide fall colors!”

inspired by gerhard richter with “wide colors #2”

discover available artworks here: saatchi art artist astrid stoeppel

Discover a new Saatchi Art collection in March 2020: Bestselling Woman Artists of all time with two works by Astrid Stoeppel series Colorful acrylics. Astrid Stöppel is a german professional artist, who is selling colorful art, abstract art and pop art around the world

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